How To Clean a TV Screen

It is important that when you are doing your normal housekeeping, that you clean your tv screen. A tv screen that is full of dust and debris can get damaged to the point where it will no longer work. The longer that it goes in between cleanings, the bigger the risk of problems will be.

How Often Should You Clean Your TV Screen?

You should clean your television screen at least once a week. Consider adding it to your normal dusting routine that way you do not forget. If you tend to forget to clean the tv screen, create a list of things you need to clean, or add a reminder to your cell phone or other smart device.

Does What Your TV Screen Is Made of Affect the Cleaning Process?

No! It does not matter if your television is glass or plastic, you will clean it the same way. It is important to know the proper way to clean your television as well as what things to use and not to use when cleaning your television to prevent damage.

Cleaners to Use

There are many cleaners out on the market today that are geared towards cleaning your television screen. In fact, many people will tell you that glass cleaner is the best to use. However, you never want to use glass cleaner or any cleaner that is not recommended for your television screen. This is because harsh chemicals like ammonia can cause damage to your television screen. In fact, there can be a chemical reaction that could make parts of your screen look warped or may not work at all. The best thing to use on your television screen is just plain water.

clean tv screen

The Cleaning Process

The cleaning process for your television screen is easy. Just follow the steps and you will have a clean screen each week.

  • Turn it off. The first step will be to unplug your television. This will help to ensure that you do not get shocked during the cleaning process. Never clean the television when it is turned on.
  • Wipe with a cloth. Your next step is to get a dry cloth. The best kind of cloth to get is a microfiber one that will help to trap all the bits of dust on the television. Do not get paper towels, wipes, or toilet paper as these not only can leave behind dirt and debris but can also damage the screen. Make sure that you wipe the entire tv screen to ensure that all the dust is removed. This includes whatever you have the television sitting on.
  • Wipe with a damp cloth. Next, you will want to dampen your cloth. You can use a television-safe cleaner, or you can just use plain water. Never spray the cleaner directly onto the television. It may drip down and cause damage to the television. If you do find that you have an extremely dirty area on your screen, you can use a mild soap and gently scrub the spot off. During this process also make sure that wherever you have wires that you clean them well. This will help to prevent dust from accumulating on the television.
  • Allow the tv to dry. Your next step will be to allow the television to dry. After it has dried, you can then plug the television in and use it as normal.

Cleaning the Vents

While you are cleaning the tv screen each week, it is a good idea to dust out the television vents. If these become caked in dust, it can cause issues for the television like leading it to overheat. Dust can also get into the sensitive computer board causing failure.

To clean the vents, you can take your microfiber cloth and wipe each vent down. You can also use a soft-bristled brush to try and remove some of the dirt and debris. If the vents are very dirty, you can get a small vacuum that will help to suck out all the dirt and debris. Something like a mini keyboard vacuum will work great for this task. You can also use cans of compressed air to help blow out any dirt and debris. You will want to use extreme caution with this method though as it can cause issues if done incorrectly.

Spot Cleaning

If you notice that your television has smudges outside of your normal cleaning routine, just take a damp cloth to remove the smudges. Removing the smudges as soon as you see them will help to ensure that your television does not get as dirty.

Cleaning your television screen will help to ensure that your screen lasts for many years and that you can clearly see the picture every time you use it. Be sure to clean the rest of the television well after you clean the screen.


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